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Knee Pain Relief Massager

Knee Pain Relief Massager - POPHOLLY

Knee Pain Relief Massager

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1. Imitate artificial massage: 5-level airbag wrap, relax knee soft tissue, by squeezing the knee around the airbag. Automatic filling and relaxation to achieve the effect of massaging the knee

2. Warm heating: 14 kinds of temperature selection, speed up blood flow in the knee joint, temperature penetrates the skin, relaxes blood circulation, soothes skin blood circulation

3. Photosensitive radiation: built-in infrared light, penetrates muscles, makes cells more energetic 4. Magnetic Physics: Releases healthy magnetic energy. The built-in energy magnet helps balance the magnetic field at the bottom of the muscle, releasing a healthy magnetic force and speeding up pain relief.

5. Relax pain from the inside: solve knee problems

This Knee Massager has,

Large screen display for easy operation.

Airbag massage,

Infrared heating

Long working hours

Multiple massage modes