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Unisex Snowboard Protection Motorcycle Shorts

Unisex Snowboard Protection Motorcycle Shorts - POPHOLLY

Unisex Snowboard Protection Motorcycle Shorts

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1. Made of mutispandex fabric and mesh, breathable to wear, soft and skin-friendly, good heat dissipation in sports, making you cooler and more comfortable;
2. Specially designed protection parts according to human body movement, so that the flexibility of movement has been improved;
3. Elastic fabric, flexible shock pad; no hindrance when lifting leg, comfort and not tight, secure protection;
4. 70% buttocks shock absorption area, greatly reducing impact and enhancingthe protection of the buttocks;
5. The use of elastic and sticker, adjust the elasticity according to personal waist, free to stretch, easy to wear or take off;

Material: mutispandex + mesh cloth
Colour: black
Product weight: 380g
Applicable season: spring, summer, autumn and winter
Applicable sports: skiing, skating, roller skating, off-road and other outdoor extreme sports

Size:           S                    M                     L                     XL
Waist:  58-64cm/22.8-25.2"    68-74cm/26.8-29.1"    72-78cm/28.3-30.7"    74-80cm/29.1-31.5"
Height: 150-160cm/4.92-5.25ft 160-170cm/5.25-5.58ft 170-180cm/5.58-5.91ft 180-185cm/5.91-6.07ft
Weight:       50-60kg             60-65kg                65-70kg                70-85kg