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Body parts Muscle Slimmer Stimulator

Body parts Muscle Slimmer Stimulator - POPHOLLY

Body parts Muscle Slimmer Stimulator

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Massager Host:

Product style: Battery Version

Material: ABC material

Product size: 8*6*2.5cm

 Muscle Stimulator Stickers:

Product style: Abdominal Patch、Arm Patch、Waist/Leg Patch、Hips Patch

Material: Polyurethane(PU)

Training Time: 12 Minute(Per training time)

Abdominal Patch size: 22*22cm

AArm Patch size: 20*9.5cm

Waist/Leg Patch size: 23*8cm

Hips Patch size: 36*21cm

 Use Method:

1.Install the stimulator.

2.Tear off the patch from the film.

3.Paste to the place where you need to exercise.

(Note:After using,need to paste the patch to the film)

 How to clean the gel patch:

1.Dip the water with your fingers and wipe the surface of the gel.

2.Put it in a well ventilated place to dry.

 Note:Do not carry out maintenance for a long time or frequent, otherwise it will lead to shortened service life.Note:

It's normal to feel a little flax during exercise. Don't worry.