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Cute Cartoon Finger Holder for Mobile phones

Cute Cartoon Finger Holder for Mobile phones - POPHOLLY

Cute Cartoon Finger Holder for Mobile phones

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·         It is convenient to disassemble the phone case, and the soft TPU frame material will not hurt the cellphone.

·         Above the wristband is a metal shackle that you can hang on your carry-on backpack or other convenient place.

·         Stylish and beautiful flower, exquisite workmanship, durable quality, and durable appearance are definitely popular mobile phone cases this year.

·         The back of the case is designed with a wrist strap so you can grip it comfortably and will not fall off easily. At the same time, the wristband can also be used as a mobile phone holder, which can be smoothly placed on the desktop to watch TV or video etc., it is convenient to be used.

·         Provides a perfect protection to your phone against shocks, damages, dusts and scratches.

·         The Case including the short stranp (you can hang your hand )


1: Can be used repeatedly,  dirty can wash, and then dried;

2: You can use mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices and similar products;

3: Flexibility is easy to operate and flexible to use;

4: Exclusive detachable sticker, recyclable, environmentally friendly, no residue;

5: anti-drop, anti-theft, robbing;

6: Pocket buckle popular brand, do table support;

7: portable, no space


Remove the adhesive film from the bottom of the bottom and hang the phone.