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Face Slimming Stimulator

Face Slimming Stimulator - POPHOLLY

Face Slimming Stimulator

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Smart face-lifting instrument:

The product uses ultrasonic vibration to encourage the facial and chin muscles to move autonomously, allowing facial muscles to consume fat during exercise to achieve lean masseter muscles and reduce double chin effects, while tightening the skin and improving facial contours .


1: Long press the power button to turn on / off

2: The machine has a total of 3 gears (1 is weak, 2 is strong, 3 is strong)

3: The red light flashes when charging, and is always on.

 Pay Attention:

1. It is recommended that the wearing time of the jaw joint is weak or easy to be reduced by half;

2. Normally wear 1-2 times a day, 10-20 minutes each time;

3. Do not wear for a long time, so as not to cause discomfort;

4. Personal differences, the wearing time can be appropriately reduced according to the actual situation;

5. If it causes rashes and other allergies during use, please use cotton cloth;

6. Not recommended for sleeping.


1.Ergonomics, beautiful streamlined arc fits tightly to facial skin.

2. Simulate real muscle movements, sonic vibrations, penetrate deep into the fat layer, drive facial muscles to move on their own, improve law lines, improve skin relaxation, reduce excess fat, make muscles firmer, and shape attractive faces

3. Use 10-20 minutes a day, morning and evening, and use it once each time to exercise facial muscles and make facial lines firmer.

4. Skin-friendly silicone conductive sheet, low resistance (controlled below 100Ω), fits tightly to the facial skin, thereby driving facial muscle movement and intelligently shaping the face.

5.Sonic vibration massage, 600 pulses per minute penetrates skin sebum, improves skin texture and makes skin elastic.


Shaping process:

1. First-time users use less than 10 minutes per day

2. Shaping is a long-term process. High-intensity use does not mean better results. It needs to be gradually adapted to complete. When the contours become increasingly prominent, pay attention to using it at least twice a week, and you can stop using the product after it has completely stabilized.


Packing list:

1 * face massager

1 * charging data cable