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Gravy Oil Soup Fat Separator

Gravy Oil Soup Fat Separator - POPHOLLY

Gravy Oil Soup Fat Separator

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Making healthier gravies, soup, or sauces quickly and effortlessly.

The best gift for giving to moms, grandmothers, or cooks.

The IMPROVED FAT SEPARATOR works with hot or cold fluids.

separate the fat from the liquid when making gravy, soups, stews, or sauces or remove pulp from fruit juice quickly; the built-in strainer removes clumps, fat, thicker pieces, or pulp, leaving only fluid.

When needed, just press the red button on the handle and the fluid drips out without containing unwanted pieces;

Made of a leak-free clear plastic with plastic filter lid, it has a silicone drip plug for releasing liquids; the bottom has measurements for proper quantity; all parts are heat-resistant, BPA-free, and top shelf is dishwasher safe.


Material: PP

Capacity: 1000ML

Size: 15×22cm/5.91×8.66"

Package Included:

1*Oil Soup Fat Separator