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Silicone Remote Cover

Silicone Remote Cover - POPHOLLY

Silicone Remote Cover

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1. Simple and practical silicone soft protective cover for remote control television, TV set-top box or air conditioning.
2. Effectively protects your remote from scratch, collision, dust, water and fingerprints.
3. Excellent tactile, non-slip surface.
4. Easy to install and disassemble, elastic and elastic materials are ideal for everyday use.
5. User-friendly design, easy to use all the buttons, no need to replace the battery, just right for the controller!


 Material: Silicone
 Size as below:
 Design A TV remote control case small 18.5*5*2CM
 Design F TV remote control case Big  21*4.9*1.9CM
 Design D Air condition remote control case Small 12.4*4.5*2.2CM
 Design C Air condition remote control case Big 16*5.5*2CM