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Transparent Plastic Disposable Gloves

Transparent Plastic Disposable Gloves - POPHOLLY

Transparent Plastic Disposable Gloves

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1. Waterproof PE material, lightweight and portable, easy to use. 2. Food-grade material, safe and hygienic, can be in direct contact with food. 3. Safe and non-toxic, acid-resistant, oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-sticky. 4. Easy to stretch, non-slip, no holes and leakage, easy to use. 5. Protect both hands, unisex, away from water and oils. 6. Suitable for various scenarios, great choice for you and your family to eat delicious meals.

Material: PE

Color: Transparent

Usage: Wash dishes vegetable

Function: Cleaning,Washing,Eating
Use: Kitchen Cleaning tool
Disposable gloves: disposable gloves 100pcs