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Waterproof Apron for Cleaning Beard

Waterproof  Apron for Cleaning Beard - POPHOLLY

Waterproof Apron for Cleaning Beard

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1. Made of spongy material, soft to the touch, easy to clean and dry.
2. Just clip this ergonomic beard modification apron to your mirror and you won't have to plug the sink or get your wife's agged!
3. Our beard aprons are large enough to capture all haircuts before they reach the sink and help you keep them neat and clean.
4. Handy design, make your shaving easy, keep your bathroom tidy and clean! Comfortable bib to catch all dropped facial haircuts
5. Attached to the mirror to create a large safety net  Prevents relationship-ending disputes about hygiene and tidyness


Material: Polyester/ Stainless Steel
Color: Pink, Yellow, White, Black
Size: 120*80cm